Air Hose, Pneumatic Hose, Rock Drill Hose

  • Air Hose, Pneumatic Hose Lining :  Rubber lining shall be porosity, air-blisters and any other visible defects

  • Rock Drill Hose Lining :  Rubber lining shall be free from resistant to oil mist.

  • Reinforcement :  Shall be either woven fabric well rubberized on both sides or braided textile reinforcement with yarn, natural or synthetic or combination of both

  • Cover :  The outer cover shall be of high tensile abrasion resistant compound

Types :

There are 3 types of hoses

  • TYPE I : Air hose for a working pressure 7 Kgf/cm2
  • TYPE II : Pneumatic hose for a working pressure 10 Kgf/cm2
  • TYPE III : Rock Drill hose for a working pressure of 14 Kgf/cm2